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A farmhouse is a place where you feel most connected with your inner self and your loved ones.

Amidst the hustle & bustle, we often forget how important it is to cherish life. In the middle of ever-growing cities like Bangalore, it is almost impossible to find a home like a farmhouse where you see lushy greens every time you step out and give it a glance.

When it comes to Bangalore, Agrocorp takes the dream of managed farmland very seriously. Agrocorp is the name you can trust when it comes to land investments and farmland development.

With 7 projects delivered & more than 700 acres transacted, we believe in delivering the best land investment solutions to every client. Land ownership is a fundamental right for all, not just a few. We are dedicated to building communities through trust and innovation, one acre at a time. Agrocorp’s vision is to change the landscape and experience of buying and selling real estate by cultivating a spirit of community.

Retirement is the best time to slow down, smell the earth, and rejoice in love.

Owning a farmhouse near Bangalore Airport within just a 10-minute drive is a dream that millions of Bangalore citizens aspire to. We try to build communities that become closer than ever. We believe the most important ingredient in building a community is you. That is why it is our shared responsibility to work together to achieve this goal. Agrocorp Landbase (P) Limited is a leading real estate company with its headquarters in Bengaluru, India's technology capital. The primary goals have been to establish in the land investment sector

and premium second home markets. We have made it easy, simple, and transparent to invest in land. This will allow millions of people to do business with confidence as they build their ideal home for their family and increase their wealth.

For land advisory services or to explore land investment opportunities or to buy a managed farm in Bengaluru, please visit agrocorp.co.in or call 9555 26 1111.

Join The Agrocorp Family

With our deep-rooted passion for land development and commitment to excellence as the leading land developers in Bangalore, Agrocorp invites you to be a part of our remarkable journey. Explore our diverse portfolio of land parcels and embark on your path to building your dream abode. Experience the joy of sustainable living, cherish moments with your loved ones, and embrace a harmonious lifestyle amidst nature's abundance.

Let us take you on an extraordinary voyage where we transform aspirations into reality.

Agrocorp: Real Estate Reimagined.

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