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Renowned as The Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is known for its tech industries, but did you know that it is also abode to some of the best vineyards in India?

The wine culture in Bangalore has been steadily growing, and wine tourism has become one of the most prominent activities among tourists and locals.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the best vineyards in Bangalore that every wine lover must visit.

Exploring Bangalore's Wine Culture

Wine has been an essential part of Indian culture since ancient times. In recent years, the wine culture in Bangalore has been thriving giving wine enthusiasts the opportunity to invest in their own vineyards in Bangalore. The city is home to several vineyards that produce some of the best wines in the country.

Bangalore's wine culture is a unique mix of tradition and modernity, offering wine enthusiasts an unforgettable experience.

The Rise of wine tourism in Bangalore

Wine tourism has become increasingly popular in Bangalore in recent years. Many vineyards in Bangalore offer wine tours, tastings, and other educational experiences.

Wine tourism is about more than just tasting different wines. It's also about understanding the art and science of wine-making. You can learn about wine-making, from grape cultivation to bottling.

If you, too, are a wine enthusiast, you have come to the right spot. In this article, we have compiled a list of the six best vineyards in Bangalore that you must visit.

  1. Grover Zampa Vineyards


    India's oldest winemaker, Grover Zampa Vineyards, is a must-visit destination for wine lovers in Bangalore. Located near the serene Nandi Hills region in Doddaballapur, the vineyard offers a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city.

    Their vineyards in Bangalore are spread over 300 acres of land and are nestled at 920 meters above sea level, providing a perfect climate for grape cultivation. On our list of the six best vineyards in Bangalore, Grover Zampa Vineyards is at the top as it is the oldest winery in Bangalore and has won numerous awards for its wines, including the Decanter Asia Wine Awards and the India Wine Awards.

    The vineyard produces various wines, including Rose, Shiraz, Vendanges Tardives, Auriga and Soiree. The wines are made using traditional techniques, and the grapes are handpicked from the vineyards.

    The vineyard offers a range of wine-tasting experiences, perfect for beginners and wine connoisseur. The tasting room is designed to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where you can taste a selection of wines, including some of their most popular varieties.

    The guided tour includes a visit to the vineyards, where you can see the grapes being grown and learn about the different varieties. You can also visit the winery, where the grapes are crushed, fermented, and aged.

    This vineyard in Bangalore also offers educational experiences where you can learn about the history of wine-making, the different grape varieties, and the art of wine-tasting. The experiences are led by knowledgeable and passionate wine experts who will guide you through the world of wine.

    Location: Raghunathapur, Doddaballapur Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 561205

    Opening hours:Monday to Sunday (3 tours in a day: 10:30 am, 12:00 pm and 2:00 pm)

    Price:Check website for packages offered

  2. Bangalore Soma Vineyards


    Bangalore Soma Vineyards are located on the outskirts of Bangalore, and it is a perfect weekend getaway for wine enthusiasts. Soma Vineyards in Bangalore produces unique wine varieties, offering a range of wine-tasting experiences.

    Soma Vineyards in Bangalore is peaceful and serene, with Makali Hills on one side and Gundamagere Lake on the other, offering a relaxing atmosphere and making it one of the most serene vineyards in Bangalore.

    As you arrive at the vineyard, several acres of lush green vines, the fresh air and the striking view of the place will instantly transport you to a world of tranquillity. You can stroll through the vineyards, admiring the beautiful grapevines that produce the unique wines of Bangalore Soma Vineyard.

    Bangalore Soma Vineyard produces unique wine varieties, including cherry and mead wine. The tasting room offers a selection of wines to taste, and you can also take a guided tour of the vineyard. The tour includes visiting the vineyards, the winery, and the barrel room.

    The tasting room is designed to provide a comfortable and relaxed environment where you can sample the unique wines the vineyard produces. The expert staff will guide you through the tasting, explaining the unique characteristics of each wine.

    You will see the entire wine-making process, from the grapevines in the vineyard to the barrels in the barrel room. The tour is informative and educational, providing a fascinating insight into wine-making.

    Bangalore Soma Vineyard produces unique wine varieties, and the tasting sessions and guided tours provide an unforgettable experience making it second on our list of the six best vineyards in Bangalore.

    Location: Gundamgere Village, Bangalore, Karnataka

    Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10:30 AM – 8:00 PM)

    Price: Contact them

  3. Nandi Valley Winery - "Kinvah"


    Spread over 250 acres, Nandi Valley Winery vineyards in Bangalore have a rich history dating back several decades, and is home to its famous flagship brand, "Kinvah".

    The vineyard's winemakers use traditional wine-making techniques combined with modern technology to create a variety of high-quality wines. The Kinvah brand has won several wine awards, including the prestigious Wine of the Year award.

    The Kinvah brand is known for its rich, full-bodied red and crisp, refreshing white wines. The vineyard's winemakers carefully select the grapes used in each wine, ensuring that only the best grapes are used in the wine-making process.

    The vineyard's commitment to sustainability is also evident in its wine-making practices. The vineyard uses environmentally-friendly methods to grow its grapes and recycles and reuses as much of its waste as possible.

    The current capacity of Nandi Valley Winery allows it to produce 10 million litres of wine.

    The vineyard offers a range of wine tours, including a guided tour of the vineyards, the winery, and the barrel room. You'll learn about the history of the vineyard, the wine-making process, and the different types of wines produced at the vineyard.

    You can also participate in educational experiences, including wine tastings and classes on wine-making. During the wine tastings, you'll have the opportunity to sample some of the vineyard's award-winning wines and learn about each wine's different flavours and aromas.

    With its beautiful location, rich history, and commitment to producing high-quality, sustainable wines, it's no wonder that the vineyard is one of the most respected wineries in the country.

    Location: Survey no-55/56, Nagadasanahalli Village, Thimanayakanahalli, Yelahanka Hobli, Bangalore, Karnataka, 560064

    Opening hours: 2 batches around 180 minutes, starts in the morning sharp at 10:30 AM and 1:30 PM

    Price: Check website for packages offered

  4. Rico Wine Park


    Rico Wine Park & Vineyards is a prominent winery and tourist destination in Bangalore. It has a rich history dating back several decades when they started their first vineyard at the historic town of Bijapur (Vijayapura) and expanded to Bangalore in 2020.

    Rico skillfully employ global techniques and methods to preserve the rich essence of grapes in their vineyards in Bangalore, ensuring a consistently high standard of quality. The Krishna Valley's exceptional climate, featuring chilly nights and sunny days that offer the perfect diurnal temperature range, creates the optimal conditions for cultivating exquisite berries.

    This winery in Bangalore offers a captivating wine tour that provides visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the winemaking process from grape crushing and fermentation to aging and bottling, highlighting the techniques employed by Rico Wine Park to craft their signature wines.

    The guided tour takes visitors through the vineyards, where they can learn about different grape varieties and the factors that influence wine quality, such as soil composition and climate.

    After the informative tour, guests are invited to the wine tasting room, where they can savor a selection of Rico Wine Park's finest wines. The winery boasts a diverse range of grapes used for wine production, including Bangalore Blue, Thompson seedless, Shiraz, Zinfandel and Sauvignon blanc.

    Rico Wine Park & Vineyards also features a charming restaurant that offers a delightful culinary experience. The restaurant serves a delectable menu inspired by local and international cuisine, with each dish thoughtfully paired with the winery's wines. Guests can enjoy a leisurely meal while taking in the scenic views of the vineyards.

    Rico Wine Park also hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. These include wine festivals, harvest celebrations, and cultural events that showcase the region's rich heritage.

    Location: Near Singanayakanahalli Railway Gate, Nagadasanahalli, Yelahanka, Karnataka, 560064

    Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (10:00 AM - 10:00 PM)

    Price: Contact them

  5. Sula Vineyards Bangalore – Domaine Sula


    Sula Vineyards in Bangalore takes wine enthusiasts on a captivating journey through the world of exquisite wines. Domaine Sula is nestled amidst the picturesque landscape of Karnataka. This renowned vineyard offers a unique experience for wine lovers, captivating their senses with delightful flavours, stunning vineyards, and a touch of luxury.

    Situated on the Bangalore – Mysore highway, Sula Vineyards showcases a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, crafting a wide range of premium wines.

    The first half of the estate includes a restaurant, gift shop, wine shop, wine-tasting area, and locations for picture shoots. The other half of the compound, which consists of many buildings where the wine is extracted, fermented, processed, stored, and bottled, is visible to those who choose the wine tour and is located beyond the gate. A vineyard where grapes for various kinds of wines are grown is located outside the buildings.

    The vineyard's wine tours provide a comprehensive understanding of the wine-making process, from grape cultivation to fermentation and bottling. Knowledgeable guides lead visitors through the vineyards, sharing fascinating insights into the art of wine-making and the unique characteristics of the grape varieties grown on the estate.

    Also, one of the prominent services offered by this vineyard in Bangalore is that you can book it for your dream wedding.

    Kādu Winery, previously known as Heritage Valley Winery, is India's first wine for a cause located in Gangedoddi Village in Malur. Kādu means "wild" in Kannada, and with Kādu, Sula has chosen to champion the plight of the gorgeous tiger. Sula will support Karnataka tiger conservation with every bottle of Kādu sold.

    These vineyards in Bangalore allow visitors to observe the intricate process of transforming handpicked grapes into high-quality wines, from crushing and pressing to ageing in oak barrels. The vineyard's commitment to sustainability is evident, with eco-friendly practices employed throughout the production cycle.

    Wine-tasting sessions at Sula Vineyards Bangalore are a highlight of the visit, allowing guests to sample a wide array of award-winning wines. From crisp Sauvignon Blancs to robust Cabernet Sauvignons, the vineyard's diverse portfolio ensures something to suit every palate.

    Location: Gangedoddi Village, Chekkere Post, Channapatna, Bangalore, Karnataka, 562160

    Opening hours: Check website

    Price: Check website for packages offered

  6. Big Banyan Vineyard


    Big Banyan Vineyard is a new vineyard near Bangalore. Located in the south of Bangalore, in Chunchunkuppe, Tavarakere, near the famous Big Banyan Tree, the Big Banyan Vineyard started its wine-producing journey from Goa. This ancient tree provides shade and adds to the charm of the vineyard.

    This vineyard near Bangalore is known for its picturesque setting and high-quality wines. Visitors to Big Banyan Vineyard can enjoy guided tours that take them through the lush vineyards, providing insights into the wine-making process. They can learn about the grape varieties grown in the vineyard and witness the various stages of wine-making, from harvesting to fermentation and ageing.

    The vineyard boasts a wide range of grape varietals, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz, Chenin Blanc, and Sauvignon Blanc. Skilled winemakers carefully nurture the grapes to ensure the production of high-quality wines.

    In addition to wine tours, this winery in Bangalore also offers wine-tasting sessions where visitors can sample various wines. The vineyard has a well-appointed tasting room where visitors can relax and enjoy the wines while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. The facility also houses a wine shop where guests can purchase their favorite wines to take home as souvenirs.

    Big Banyan Vineyard often hosts events and cultural activities, including live music performances and food festivals, adding to the overall experience for visitors. It has become a prominent destination for wine enthusiasts, nature lovers, and those seeking a peaceful retreat away from the city.

    Location: No. 8/1, Chunchunkuppe, Tavarakere, Near Big Banyan Tree, Bengaluru, Karnataka, 562130

    Opening hours: Monday to Sunday (11:00 AM - 4:00 PM)

    Price: 3 tour packages ranging from INR 118 to INR 1150

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What is the best time to visit vineyards in bangalore?

The best time to visit vineyards in Bangalore is during February and March because during these months, grapes are harvested, and you can see the vineyards in full bloom.

How much does it cost to go to the vineyard tour in Bangalore?

A vineyard tour in bangalore typically ranges from INR 250 to INR 1000 per person.

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