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A tour of the vineyards in Bangalore is truly a memorable and unique experience. These vineyards near Bangalore attract hundreds of wine enthusiasts each year to taste their favourite blends and learn about the art of winemaking. One of the fascinating activities to engage during the cooler months is visiting the vineyards in Bangalore, which is an ideal alternative for those who enjoy taking the unconventional route.

Here are the top vineyards of Banglore that one must visit.

  • The New Vineyard On The Block: Big Banyan Vineyard
  • India’s Oldest Winemakers: Grover Zampa Vineyard
  • India’s First Wine For A Cause: Kādu Winery
  • India’s First Female-owned Boutique Winery: SDU Winery
  • Refined Taste And Fine Living: Kinvah Vineyards
  • Featuring Latest Winemaking Techniques: Myra Vineyards

Birdseye view of a gated Agrocorp farm community – “The Palm Reserve”

Agrocorp, one among the leading land investment firm from Banglore presents a unique opportunity to own a farm encompassing a vineyard. “The Vineyard” is indeed a place of tranquillity, where you can submerge in nature, spend time with loved ones, invigorate the soul, relieve the pent-up stress, and refresh the mind from the rigours of life. The project consists of a well-managed farm with a vineyard in the backyard, which is fully maintained in collaboration with Grover Zampa as the vineyard partner and the design and

Infrastructure by EcoFirst: A Tata Enterprise. It is the first of its kind in India where a farm community is being developed with a vineyard in the backyard in one of the best investment zone is Bengaluru. A place where nature and people can interact and immerse themselves in Mother Earth and still feel at home in the luxury of the wilderness.

“The Vineyard” is a gated farm community, adorned with nature and packed with all the necessary resources, premium amenities, with elegance and luxury encompassing the entire farm developed on the principles of self-sustainable and nature living.

Come visit our farm and take the opportunity to own a farm with a vineyard in the backyard. Check out agrocorp.co.in for more details.