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What is a Managed Farm Community?

A managed farmland is an agricultural property owned by an individual or institution but managed by managed farmland developers responsible for developing and managing the entire property. Imagine your managed farmland inside a gated community of several other farmlands filled with amenities with picturesque views. This is what the concept of a managed farm community is all about.

Investing in a managed farm community allows you to live an all-natural life with farm-fresh greens, clean air, a lush green atmosphere, and a serenity enthralled by nature close to the city. Aside from their environmental importance, managed farmlands are a much-needed weekend escape. A tranquil setting is offered as a green retreat away from city life's stresses amid nature's bliss. You feel a sense of communal spirit with like-minded people while participating in various on-farm activities and being a part of a vibrant community.

Land investment is unquestionably one of the best forms of investment, as it stands tall as a legacy etched in the footprints of time. There are several land and real estate investment options, but the most sustainable, rewarding, and nature-soothing investment option is undoubtedly managed farmland.

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Is Owning A Farmland The Right Investment For You?


For the young and the old who tend to value experiences over material things, Agrihood, also known as the agricultural neighbourhood, is becoming a global phenomenon that clubs idyllic settings in nature with resort amenities. Imagine a fully functional managed farmland, ample green space, outdoor kitchens, and farm-to-table produce from your own backyard.

This can be your green haven away from the rigours of life. A place where you can reconnect with nature, indulge in hobby farming, cherish blissful memories with dear ones, or even go off-grid. Also, you can oversee intimate weddings, organise weekend parties, or host get-togethers at your own abode in nature.

Agrocorp's managed farm community near Bangalore is perfect for investing in farm land near Bangalore. These communities offer a unique opportunity to own gated community plots in Bangalore and enjoy the benefits of managed farmlands.

Agrocorp's farm communities are considered one of the best gated community plots in Bangalore. We offer a range of managed farms, from small plots to large areas, all with modern infrastructure and expert management. Our current project, The Vineyard, is a managed farm land for sale near Bangalore, offering all the amenities discussed before.

Investing in managed farmland near Bangalore is an excellent way to diversify your portfolio and earn stable returns. Agrocorp's farm communities offer an ideal investment opportunity for those looking to invest in farm land near Bangalore.

If you want to own a piece of farm land near Bangalore, look no further than Agrocorp's managed farm communities. With our expert management and modern infrastructure, you can be sure your investment will be well cared for and managed. Don't miss out on the chance to be a part of one of the best gated communities in Bangalore.

"Invest in land now, because they are not making it anymore."

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Core Value


With Agrocorp, you can now own a farmhouse and invest in farmland in Bengaluru’s most desired asset class, i.e., land that is affordable, strategically located, accessible, organised, and facilitated by a trusted channel with all legal paperwork verified.


We develop fully managed farm communities that offer exclusive farms built with elegance and premium amenities to keep the communities vibrant and engaging. At Agrocorp, the plot resides in a gated community with premium amenities.


We believe your hard-earned money invested in creating this lifestyle should also grow and reap a handsome return on investment over time. Our managed farmland in Bengaluru is bound to satisfy your short, medium & long-term investment goals in addition to the experience of a dreamy lifestyle amidst nature.

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