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The world is shifting its paradigm away from all things conventional, bringing out new ways to experience life at its best. Farming was once a way of life, but it has fallen out of favour with modern technological interventions. Specifically, for a nation that roots its origin in agriculture, it is evident that we are far from it. But we still have to find our way ultimately. Out of the urge to connect with nature and live a healthy lifestyle, a new trend called "hobby farming" was born. A non-profit motive for a recreational endeavour in which one indulges in nature rather than considering it as a primary source of income. It is more of a recreational activity for people who are busy with life and compelled to work in offices or behind computers to relieve themselves of the burdens of work life. Hobby Farming varies from individual to individual, farm to farm, depending on various factors like farmland, the interest of the individual, the motive of the farm, etc., with the ultimate purpose being the need to connect with nature in a sort of recreational manner as an escape from a rigorous life.


  • Farm life engages us more with a healthy lifestyle as we indulge in various physical activities that ultimately improve our health.
  • Cater us to eat fresh and clean greens from farm to table without being contaminated by other sources.
  • We can reconnect to our roots, backed up by centuries of organic heritage in the growing healthy greens
  • Organic greens promote a green legacy for future generations to see and indulge in the grandeur of nature..
  • It aids in preserving nature as we grow greens, trees, and plants and give back to mother earth.
  • Builds a sustainable agriculture model as all pesticides and other chemical products are avoided, and green farming models are adopted and given more importance over chemicals
  • GMOs' can be eliminated in time as improved organic seed varieties can be homegrown and distributed.
  • It provides a therapeutic value, as it helps reduce stress and is an ideal escape from the rigorous work life as we connect with nature and submerge into Mother Earth.
  • As a side hustle, the excess farm products such as vegetables, fruits, greens, dairy, and other products can be sold to neighbours, small markets, and so on, not for profit, but as a way to engage with the community and give back to society to make a better and healthier community.
  • Provides an opportunity for families to work together on a shared project, fostering teamwork and strengthening family bonds
  • It can provide a sense of independence and self-sufficiency and the satisfaction of producing one's food and being less reliant on others.



A crucial aspect of a hobby farm is its size and scale. The prime factor is that unless it is well organised right from the beginning, there is a big chance of the farm becoming a liability as it becomes difficult to manage.

You must understand what you want to do on your farm or have proper guidance from an expert in farm management overall. Only with this will you be able to experience a farm life than a makeshift disaster.

Ensuring proper access to water and electricity in close vicinity is crucial for the sustainability of the farm and almost everything comprising it.

Though hobby farming, as its name suggests, is more of a hobby, it still needs to be taken seriously and treated with dedicated involvement and commitment. Nature has taken care of us; now it's our chance to do the same.


Do you wish to choose an organic lifestyle over busy schedules and technological surges? Are you willing to give back to mother earth?

Then it's time you invest in farmland with premium amenities. So habituate with hobby farming and indulge with nature promoting the farm life. We at Agrocorp have been establishing well managed farm communities with the best land investment options for you. To live an eco-friendly life and to make life worthwhile, join us on our journey and be a part of reimagining real estate.

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Cherish Life; Go Green